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Post-medieval Polish Buried as Potential 'Vampires' Were Likely Local

6 hours ago − PLOS
Potential 'vampires' buried in northwestern Poland with sickles and rocks across their bodies were likely local and not immigrants to the region, according to a study published November 26, 2014 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Lesley Gregoricka from University of South Alabama and colleagues. …
• The Influence of the Isthmus of Panama in the Evolution of Freshwater Shrimps in America − 6 hours ago
• TGen-Luxembourg Scientific Team Conducts Unprecedented Analysis of Microbial Ecosystem − 6 hours ago
• DNA May Survive Suborbital Spaceflight, Re-entry − 6 hours ago
• Brain Researchers Pinpoint Gateway to Human Memory − 6 hours ago
• Copper on the Brain at Rest − 6 hours ago
• With Age, We Lose Our Visual Learning Filter − 6 hours ago
• Dogs Hear Our Words And How We Say Them − 6 hours ago
• An Eel-lectrifying Future for Autonomous Underwater Robots − 11 hours ago
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Lionfish Analysis Reveals Most Vulnerable Prey as Invasion Continues


An Eel-lectrifying Future for Autonomous Underwater Robots


Endangered Species Success: Idaho Salmon Regaining Fitness Advantage

Blind Scottish Centipede Unlocks Clues to the Origins of Creepy Crawlies
The arthropods are one of Earth's real success stories, with more species of arthropod than in any other animal phylum, but our knowledge of arthropod genomes has been heavily…

Particles, Waves And Ants


Precise Measurements of Microbial Ecosystems


Centipede's Genome Reveals How Life Evolved on Our Planet

Mere Expectation of Treatment Can Improve Brain Activity in Parkinson's Patients
Learning-related brain activity in Parkinson's patients improves as much in response to a placebo treatment as to real medication, according to a new study by researchers at the University…
Missing Gene Linked to Autism
Researchers at the University of Leeds have shed light on a gene mutation linked to autistic traits. The team already knew that some people with autism were deficient…

Amazonian Shrimps: an Underwater World Still Unknown


Hydrothermal Settlers

Glassy Protein Solution May Cause Eyesight Deterioration
Long-sightedness caused by age could be due to proteins in the lens of the eye that are converted from a fluid solution to a solid, glassy state. This has…
Vultures Evolved an Extreme Gut to Cope with Disgusting Dietary Habits
How is it that vultures can live on a diet of carrion that would at least lead to severe food-poisoning, and more likely kill most other animals? This is…
Body Size Requires Hormones Under Control
The proper regulation of body size is of fundamental importance, but the mechanisms that stop growth are still unclear. In a study now published in the scientific journal eLife*,…
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Cell Biology

Copper on the Brain at Rest

6 hours ago − Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
• With Age, We Lose Our Visual Learning Filter − 6 hours ago
• Dogs Hear Our Words And How We Say Them − 6 hours ago
• Bioengineering Study Finds Two-cell Mouse Embryos Already Talking About Their Future − 13 hours ago
• Body Size Requires Hormones Under Control − Yesterday
• Scientists Could Save Thousands of Pounds with Student's DIY Microscope − Yesterday
• Toxin Targets Discovered − 2 days ago
Cancer, Oncology

Scientists Could Save Thousands of Pounds with Student's DIY Microscope

Yesterday − Brunel University
• Animals Steal Defenses from Bacteria − 2 days ago
• Cell's Skeleton Is Never Still − 2 days ago
• New Device Could Make Large Biological Circuits Practical − 2 days ago
• Drugs to Block Angiogenesis Could Provide New Treatment for TB − 2 days ago
• For Important Tumor-suppressing Protein, Context Is Key − 2 days ago
• Tapeworms on the Brain Expand Our Knowledge of Their Genome − 5 days ago

Unique Sense of 'Touch' Gives a Prolific Bacterium Its Ability to Infect Anything

7 days ago − Princeton University
• Drugs to Block Angiogenesis Could Provide New Treatment for TB − 2 days ago
• House Fly Sex May Reveal One Key to Controlling Them − 8 days ago
• Fruit Flies Learn from Others − 9 days ago
• Family Ties That Bind: Having the Right Surname Sets You Up for Life − 9 days ago
• A Beetle And Its Longtime Fungal Associate Go Rogue − 13 days ago
• Marching to Our Own Sequence − 13 days ago
International Collaboration Completes Genome Sequence of Centipede

Yesterday − Baylor College of Medicine
HOUSTON - (Nov. 25, 2014) - An international collaboration of scientists including Baylor College of Medicine has completed the first genome sequence of a myriapod, Strigamia maritima - a member of a group venomous centipedes that care for their eggs - and uncovered new clues about their biological evolution and unique absence of vision and circadian rhythm. …
• Less Sex Plus More Greens Equals a Longer Life − 9 days ago
• Females Protect Offspring from Infanticide by Forcing Males to Compete Through Sperm − 13 days ago
• 'Big Data' Takes Root in the World of Plant Research − 16 days ago
• New Research Explores Scent Communication in Polar Bears − 22 days ago
• Smithsonian Scientist Discovers Populations of Rare Songbird in Surprising New Habitat − 27 days ago
• Plump Turtles Swim Better: First Models of Swimming Animals − 27 days ago
Breaking Down DNA by Genome

26 days ago − American Journal of Botany
New DNA sequencing technologies have greatly advanced genomic and metagenomic studies in plant biology. Scientists can readily obtain extensive genetic information for any plant species of interest, at a relatively low cost, rapidly accelerating the pace of genome sequencing. …
• Building a Bridge from Basic Botany to Applied Agriculture − 1 months ago
• Twice the DNA Yield in Less Time − 1 months ago
• Gene Doubling Shapes the World: Instant Speciation, Biodiversity, And the Root of Our Existence − 1 months ago
• A Bird-pollinated Flower with a Rather Ingenious Twist − 2 months ago
• Thousands of Nuclear Loci Via Target Enrichment And Genome Skimming − 2 months ago

Diet Affects Pesticide Resistance in Honey Bees

23 days ago − Penn State
• House Fly Sex May Reveal One Key to Controlling Them − 8 days ago
• UC Davis Scientists Discover Exact Receptor for DEET That Repels Mosquitoes − 29 days ago
• Odor Molecules Monitor Pest That Spreads Devastating Citrus Disease − 1 months ago
• House Fly Genome Reveals Expanded Immune System − 1 months ago
• Study: Big-headed Ants Grow Bigger When Faced with Fierce Competitors − 1 months ago

Plants Have Little Wiggle Room to Survive Drought, UCLA Life Scientists Report

12 days ago − University of California - Los Angeles
• Vermicompost Leachate Improves Tomato Seedling Growth − 5 days ago
• Age Matters: Young Larvae Boost Pollen Foraging in Honey Bees − 8 days ago
• Centipede's Genome Reveals How Life Evolved on Our Planet − Yesterday
• Biodiversity of Plant Cell Culture Collections Offers Valuable Source of Natural Insecticidal And Fungicidal Products − 20 days ago
• What Is a Species? It Could Be Difficult to Reply If You Work with Aphids − 23 days ago
Paleontology, Fossil, Dinosaur

Scientists Solve Reptile Mysteries with Landmark Study on the Evolution of Turtles

2 days ago − California Academy of Sciences
• International Collaboration Completes Genome Sequence of Centipede − Yesterday
• Research Finds Tooth Enamel Fast-track in Humans − 6 days ago
• Ancient New Zealand 'Dawn Whale' Identified by Otago Researchers − 8 days ago
• Were Neanderthals a Sub-species of Modern Humans? New Research Says No − 8 days ago
• 'Probiotics' for Plants Boost Detox Abilities; Untreated Plants Overdose And Die − 9 days ago

University of Tennessee Study Finds Fish Just Wanna Have Fun

1 months ago − University of Tennessee at Knoxville
• Bad News for Kids − 2 days ago
• University of Tennessee Study Finds Crocodiles Are Sophisticated Hunters − 1 months ago
• Loneliness Impacts DNA Repair − 7 months ago
• The Importance of (experimental) Design − 9 months ago
• Human And Dog Brains Both Have Dedicated 'Voice Areas' − 9 months ago
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