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Opposites Don't Attract When Learning How to Use a Prosthesis

'Psychic Robot' Will Know What You Really Meant to Do

Plant Biosensor Could Help African Farmers Fight Parasitic 'Witchweed'

Floppy but Fast
Medicine & Health »RSS

3-D Image of Cancer Protein Aids Quest for New Treatments

11 hours ago − Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
• Adoption of Streamlined Breast Cancer Treatment Has Stagnated, Study Finds − 11 hours ago
• Magnet Hospitals Better Patient Experiences May Positively Enhance Reimbursement − 11 hours ago
• When Should Pediatric Residents Consult Supervisors on Issues That Come Up After Hours? − 11 hours ago
• Tripped Up by a Bug: Infection May Cause Falls, Especially in Older People, Study Suggests − 11 hours ago
• Moffitt Researchers Develop Novel Theoretical Approach to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance − 11 hours ago
• Novel Compound Turns Off Mutant Cancer Gene in Animals with Leukemia − 11 hours ago
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Nature & Earth »RSS

Unexpected Information About Earth's Climate History from Yellow River Sediment

15 hours ago − Uppsala University
• Could 'The Day After Tomorrow' Happen? − 11 hours ago
• Sea Turtles Face Plastic Pollution Peril − 15 hours ago
• Greenland's Ice Sheet Plumbing System Revealed − 15 hours ago
• Wet Paleoclimate of Mars Revealed by Ancient Lakes at Gale Crater − Yesterday
• Waste Water Treatment Plants Fail to Completely Eliminate New Chemical Compounds − Yesterday
• Quantifying the Impact of Climate on Ecosystems Worldwide − Yesterday
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Most Popular »

Genetic Variation Is Key to Fighting Viruses
Using a genome-wide association study, EPFL scientists have identified subtle genetic changes that can cause substantial differences to how we fight viral infections. …

Data Integration Or Die: The Importance of Biologist Input in Efficiently Sharing Data


Predictive Policing Substantially Reduces Crime in Los Angeles During Months-long Test


Baylor Study: Cellphones Can Damage Romantic Relationships, Lead to Depression


Molecular Characteristics of Mammalian Melanopsins for Non-visual Photoreception


Renewables And Consumer Choices Key to Sustainable Energy Use in EU's Food Sector
A report analysing the use of energy in the EU food industry finds that the share of renewable remains relatively small (7%) when compared to its part in the…

On Soft Ground? Tread Lightly to Stay Fast...


Ancient Genome from Africa Sequenced for the First Time


New Protein Cleanup Factors Found to Control Bacterial Growth


Opposites Don't Attract When Learning How to Use a Prosthesis


Beetles Provide Clues About the Genetic Foundations of Parenthood
Athens, Ga. - A team of researchers including scientists from the University of Georgia has identified many of the genetic changes that take place in burying beetles as they…

People with Genetic Variant Increasing Vitamin D Metabolism Improve Blood Sugar Control with High Protein Weight Loss Diet
New research published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) shows that people carrying a certain genetic variant relating to vitamin D metabolism…

'Psychic Robot' Will Know What You Really Meant to Do
What if software could steer a car back on track if the driver swerves on ice? Or guide a prosthesis to help a shaky stroke patient smoothly lift a…

Single Atom Alloy Platinum-copper Catalysts Cut Costs, Boost Green Technology
MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (Oct. 9, 2015, 5 A.M.) - A new generation of platinum-copper catalysts that require very low concentrations of platinum in the form of individual atoms to cleanly…

Using Optical Fiber to Generate a Two-micron Laser
In recent years, two-micron lasers (0.002 millimetre) have been of growing interest among researchers. In the areas of surgery and molecule detection, for example, they offer significant advantages compared…

Evidence for Functional Redundancy in Nature
One of biology's long-standing puzzles is how so many similar species can co-exist in nature. Do they really all fulfill a different role? Massive data on beetles now provide…

Plant Biosensor Could Help African Farmers Fight Parasitic 'Witchweed'
Engineering and biology professors at the University of Toronto have developed a new strategy for helping African farmers fight a parasitic plant that devastates crops. …

Urban Runoff Killing Coho Salmon, but Simple Solution Within Reach
SEATTLE - Toxic runoff from highways, parking lots and other developed surfaces is killing many of the adult coho salmon in urban streams along the West Coast, according to…
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Biology »RSS

Scientists Pave Way for Diamonds to Trace Early Cancers

11 hours ago − University of Sydney
• A Cure for Vitamin B6 Deficiency − 11 hours ago
• Floppy but Fast − 11 hours ago
• Plant Biosensor Could Help African Farmers Fight Parasitic 'Witchweed' − Yesterday
• Molecular Characteristics of Mammalian Melanopsins for Non-visual Photoreception − Yesterday
• On Soft Ground? Tread Lightly to Stay Fast... − Yesterday
• Evidence for Functional Redundancy in Nature − Yesterday
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Technology & Engineering »RSS

Knit It, Braid It, Turn It on And Use It!

11 hours ago − ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science
• Using Optical Fiber to Generate a Two-micron Laser − 15 hours ago
• Opposites Don't Attract When Learning How to Use a Prosthesis − Yesterday
• A Quantum Simulator of Impossible Physics − Yesterday
• NIST, UC Davis Scientists Float New Approach to Creating Computer Memory − Yesterday
• Bio-inspired Robotic Finger Looks, Feels And Works Like the Real Thing − Yesterday
• 'Psychic Robot' Will Know What You Really Meant to Do − 2 days ago
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Space & Planetary »RSS

Mysterious Ripples Found Racing Through Planet-forming Disk

Yesterday − NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
• NASA Measuring the Pulsating Aurora − Yesterday
• Caution: Shrinks When Warm − Yesterday
• New Study Indicates Earth's Inner Core Was Formed 1-1.5 Billion Years Ago − 2 days ago
• Mysterious Ripples Found Racing Through Planet-forming Disc − 2 days ago
• Perfectly Accurate Clocks Turn Out to Be Impossible − 2 days ago
• Ancient Rocks Record First Evidence for Photosynthesis That Made Oxygen − 3 days ago
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Psychology »RSS
Study Sheds Light on Protecting Transgender Individuals from Suicide

Yesterday − University of Houston
The likelihood of a transgender person attempting suicide is very high, often because of the prejudice, transphobia and other stressors he or she may experience. A new study examined factors that may protect transgender adults from attempting suicide. Its conclusions also inform medical and mental health professionals who work with transgender clients. …
• Research Reveals New Clues About How Humans Become Tool Users − Yesterday
• Math Story Time at Home Bolsters Achievement in School − Yesterday
• Math App Adds Up for Families Anxious About Math − Yesterday
• Popular Crime Shows May Help Reduce Sexual Assault − Yesterday
• Living in Fear: Mental Disorders as Risk Factors for Chronic Pain in Teenagers − Yesterday
• Women And Men React Differently to Infidelity − Yesterday
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Physics & Chemistry »RSS

Faster Design - Better Catalysts

Yesterday − Technical University of Munich (TUM)
• Single Atom Alloy Platinum-copper Catalysts Cut Costs, Boost Green Technology − 11 hours ago
• Controllable Protein Gates Deliver On-demand Permeability in Artificial Nanovesicles − 11 hours ago
• Room Temperature Magnetic Skyrmions, a New Type of Digital Memory? − Yesterday
• Energy Researchers Discover New Structure for Bimetallic Catalysts − 2 days ago
• Dirt-cheap Catalyst May Lower Fuel Costs for Hydrogen-powered Cars − 2 days ago
• Newly Discovered 'Design Rule' Brings Nature-inspired Nanostructures One Step Closer − 2 days ago
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Economics & Sociology »RSS

College Labor Market Still in High Gear

Yesterday − Michigan State University
• Renewables And Consumer Choices Key to Sustainable Energy Use in EU's Food Sector − Yesterday
• Mormon + Mormon = Higher Home Price − 2 days ago
• If You Made Money Buying a First Home in 2000s, You Probably Weren't Black − 2 days ago
• Who Buys Fresh Flowers as Gifts? − 2 days ago
• New Tools Help Provide Vital Demographics, Population Statistics to Policymakers − 3 days ago
• Residents of Copenhagen Less Welcoming to Immigrants Than Houstonians Are − 3 days ago
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Archaeology & Anthropology »RSS

Stonehenge Researchers Find 'Largest' Prehistoric Stone Monument

1 months ago − University of Bradford
• Frankfurt Archaeologists Discover 'Roman Village' in Gernsheim − 22 days ago
• Ancient Genomes Link Early Farmers to Basques − 1 months ago
• How to Find Out About the Human Mind Through Stone − 16 days ago
• First Ancient Genome Recovered from the Mediterranean Area − 1 months ago
• Ancient New Guinea Pot Makers Surprising Innovation − 1 months ago
• Skeletons Found in Mass Graves Are Those of 17th Century Scottish Soldiers − 1 months ago
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