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WSU Researchers Find 'Most Famous Wheat Gene'

Washington State University wheat researcher Kulvinder Gill has found 'the most famous wheat gene,' a reproductive traffic cop of sorts that can be used to transfer valuable genes from other plants to wheat. Credit: Washington State University

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Poor Diet May Increase Risk of Parkinson's Disease

This image shows the relationship between poor diet and Parkinson's disease.

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If Hippopotamuses Can't Swim, How Can Some Be Living on Islands?

These are two limb bone fragments of Hippopotamus antiquus from the collections of the Geological and Palaeontological Section of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence, Italy. The broken diaphyses of the bones show the medullary…

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How Are Hybridized Species Affecting Wildlife?

This is an image of a brook trout, the species examined in this study.

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How a Change in Slope Affects Lava Flows

When exposed to the elements, flowing lava will form a crust at its surface.

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Cellular Protein May Be Key to Longevity

These are mice.

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Early Earth Less Hellish Than Previously Thought

Calvin Miller is shown at the Kerlingarfjoll volcano in central Iceland. Some geologists have proposed that the early Earth may have resembled regions like this. Credit: Tamara Carley

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New Drug Target Could Prevent Major Global Cause of Maternal Death

This is Dr Andrew Blanks of the Warwick Medical School. Credit: University of Warwick

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Cells Simply Avoid Chromosome Confusion

This is atotal internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscope used in Charles Asbury's lab at the University of Washington, where his team studies the molecular machinery of chromosome separation during reproductive cell division. Credit: Charles Asbury

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Number-crunching Could Lead to Unethical Choices, Says New Study

Chen-Bo Zhong is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. His research focuses on ethics, moral psychology, decision making and unconscious processes. He has published in journals such as,…

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Slow to Mature, Quick to Distract: ADHD Study Finds Slower Development of Connections

By examining hundreds of fMRI brain scans of children with ADHD and those without, the researchers identified key connections between brain networks that matured more slowly in ADHD brains. Credit: Sripada lab, University of Michigan

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Implementing New Care Strategies Can Cut Health Care Usage among System's Biggest Users

"We showed that patients who had better co-ordinated care were 20 percent less likely to be admitted into hospital," said Dr. Andrea Tricco, the lead author of the study and a scientist in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St.…

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