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'Invisible' Protein Structure Explains the Power of Enzymes

From left are Michael Kovermann, Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson, Uwe Sauer and Magnus Wolf-Watz. Credit:

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'Invisible' Protein Structure Explains the Power of Enzymes

Michael Kovermann, Postdoc, Department of Chemistry, Umeå University in Sweden is pictured. Credit:

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'Invisible' Protein Structure Explains the Power of Enzymes

Magnus Wolf-Watz, senior lecturer (Associate Professor) at Umeå University is shown. Credit:

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Genetic Testing in Kids Is Fraught with Complications

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Workgroup on Pediatric Genetic and Genomic Testing has issued guidelines for genetic testing in children and adolescents that are based on a thorough review of studies on ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI). The recommendations…

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Genetic Testing in Kids Is Fraught with Complications

This is bioethicist Jeffrey Botkin, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Utah Center for Excellence in Ethical Legal and Social Implications Research (UCEER) at the University of Utah School of Medicine. American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Workgroup on Pediatric Genetic and…

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Researchers Reveal a Genetic Blueprint for Cartilage

This is a developing zebrafish skeleton showing Sox9 activates a green fluorescent protein reporter in chondrocytes. Credit: Xinjun He

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Genetic Variation Determines Response to Anti-diabetic Drug

Small genetic differences in DNA sequence can have big effects on regulatory switches that control genes, affecting drug response and disease risk. Credit: Raymond Soccio, M.D., Ph.D., Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania; Cell

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Oregon Experiments Open Window on Landscape Formation

Joshua Roering studies geomorphology at the University of Oregon. His research with doctoral student Kristin Sweeney has documented how hill-slope processes combine with precipitation-driven processes to form orderly landscapes featuring ridges and valleys. Credit: Photo by Charlie Litchfield

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Oregon Experiments Open Window on Landscape Formation

Graphic shows how the combination of hill-slope erosion and precipitation-generated runoff over geological time create a landscape of orderly ridges and valleys. Credit: Courtesy of Joshua Roering

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Rumors of Southern Pine Deaths Have Been Exaggerated, UGA Researchers Say

A healthy pine stand grows in Whitehall Forest in Athens, Ga. Credit: Brittany Barnes/University of Georgia

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Romeo And Juliet Roles for Banded Mongooses

Two packs of mongoose are fighting. The pack on the right is charging in for an attack, while the other temporarily retreats. This fight was very serious and resulted in the death of one of the males. Credit: Dr Harry Marshall

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Why the Seahorse's Tail Is Square

Left: Seahorse skeletons are composed of highly-articulated bony plates that surround a central vertebral column. Right: Bending and twisting performance of the prototypes. Credit: Michael Porter/Clemson University/UC San Diego

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