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Gay Men's Bilateral Brains Better at Remembering Faces: York U Study

Published: June 22, 2010.
Released by York University  

TORONTO, June 22, 2010 – Gay men can recall familiar faces faster and more accurately than their heterosexual counterparts because, like women, they use both sides of their brains, according to a new study by York University researchers.

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York U Researchers List Products Expectant Mothers Should Avoid During First Trimester
TORONTO, October 26, 2015 -- Expectant mothers in their first trimester should avoid certain cosmetics, cleaning agents and medicines, to protect the developing fetal brain from chemicals that can trigger autism, York U health researchers have found.

Arctic Sea Ice Still Too Thick for Regular Shipping Route Through Northwest Passage: York Research
TORONTO, September 29, 2005 - Despite climate change, sea ice in the Northwest Passage (NWP) remains too thick and treacherous for it to be a regular commercial Arctic shipping route for many decades, according to new research out of York University.

Millennials, Gen Y Need to Eat Less, Work Out More to Stave Off Obesity: York U Study
TORONTO, September 21, 2015 -- If you are struggling with weight gain, you might be surprised to know that your parents had it easier - they could eat more and exercise less, and still avoid obesity, according to a recent study out of York University's Faculty of Health.

Beta-blockers Promote Heart Muscle Cell Survival Following a Heart Attack, York U Study
TORONTO, Sept. 15, 2015 - A commonly prescribed drug for heart disease may do more good than previously thought. Researchers at York University have found that β-blockers may prevent further cell death following a heart attack and that could lead to better longer term patient outcomes.

C-section Could Impact Baby's Ability to Focus: York U Study
TORONTO, August 11 2015 -- There can be a difference in how well babies focus attention on an object of interest, depending on whether they were delivered by natural birth or Caesarean section, a recent York University study indicates.

York University Researchers Map 'Self-regulation' to Develop Comprehensive Definition
TORONTO, August 5 2015 -- The term "self-regulation" has started appearing in children's report cards of late, but what it means is often unclear to parents. Thanks to three York University researchers, who have created a clear-cut definition for learning this important psychological concept, parents and teachers can now have a better understanding of what "self-regulation" means and how they can help their children develop that capacity.

Cancer Drugs Approved Quickly but Not to Patient's Benefit: York University Researcher
TORONTO, May 7, 2015 -- Highly priced cancer drugs get rushed approvals despite poor trial methodology and little effect on the longevity of patients, cautions York University Professor Dr. Joel Lexchin in the School of Health Policy and Management.

New Genetic Test Will Improve Biosecurity of Honey Bees Around the Globe
TORONTO, April 22, 2015 -- A genetic test that can prevent 'killer' bees from spreading around the world has been created in a research effort led by University of Sydney scholars jointly with York University scientists. "Our genetic test is highly accurate and considerably more sophisticated than the old tests that have a high tendency to misclassify hybrid bees," says Professor Amro Zayed in the department of Biology, Faculty of Science.

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