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Justice for Women in a System Geared to Men

Published: July 12, 2010.
By University of Leicester

British Society of Criminology conference Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Dilemmas and Diversity in Criminology at University of Leicester July 11-14

Professor Carol Hedderman will discuss Current government policy on women offenders in England and Wales at 11.

At the 2010 British Society of Criminology conference Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Dilemmas and Diversity in Criminology, hosted by the University of Leicester's Department of Criminology, Carol Hedderman, Professor of Criminology at Leicester, will discuss recent government policy to examine why changes in the rhetoric around sending women to prison has had so little appreciable effect.

Criminologists from around the world will attend the conference, Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Dilemmas and Diversity in Criminology from 11th-14th July, to present the latest findings from their research and debate the key crime issues of the day.

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