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Justice for Women in a System Geared to Men

Published: July 12, 2010.
Released by University of Leicester

British Society of Criminology conference Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Dilemmas and Diversity in Criminology at University of Leicester July 11-14 Professor Carol Hedderman will discuss Current government policy on women offenders in England and Wales at 11.15am on Wednesday 14 July. The female prison population for women has risen at a much sharper rate than men's, yet their offending is less serious and less frequent.

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Glorious, Glowing Jupiter Awaits Juno's Arrival
Stunning new images and the highest-resolution maps to date of Jupiter at thermal infrared wavelengths give a glowing view of Juno's target, a week ahead of the NASA mission's arrival at the giant planet. The maps reveal the present-day temperatures, composition and cloud coverage within Jupiter's dynamic atmosphere, and show how giant storms, vortices and wave patterns shape the appearance of the giant planet. The observations will be presented on Monday 27 June at the National Astronomy Meeting in Nottingham by Dr Leigh…

New Findings Challenge Current View on Origins of Parkinson's Disease
The neurodegeneration that occurs in Parkinson's disease is a result of stress on the endoplasmic reticulum in the cell rather than failure of the mitochondria as previously thought, according to a study in fruit flies. It was found that the death of neurons associated with the disease was prevented when chemicals that block the effects of endoplasmic reticulum stress were used.

Who's the Best-equipped Superhero? Student Research Settles 'Superpower Showdown'
Students at the University of Leicester have been using simple calculations to explain the feasibility of the powers behind of some of the most prominent comic book superheroes known around the world. In the process, to coincide with Superman Day on Sunday June 12, 2016, they have suggested that the best-equipped superhero of all could be DC's Superman, followed closely by Marvel's Wolverine, Mystique and Thor, based on their special powers.

UK First Heart Operations Using Novel System at Leicester
The UK's first heart operations using a novel software platform to pinpoint the source of the heart condition have been carried out in Leicester thanks to research at the University of Leicester. Professor André Ng, Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology at the University of Leicester and Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist at Leicester's Hospitals, has carried out three operations since November 2015.

Report on Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Rates for Local Areas Across the UK
Research published today shows the wide regional variation in the incidence of stillbirth and neonatal deaths in the UK. The MBRRACE-UK report focuses on rates of stillbirth and neonatal death across the UK. MBRRACE-UK focuses on babies born at 24 weeks of gestation or more. The report found that in 2014 there was a slight fall in both the stillbirth and neonatal death rates (4.161 and 1.772) compared to 2013 (4.201 and 1.842) although this pattern was not uniform across the UK.

Migrant Money Puts Aid in the Shade
"Sending money home from abroad is a hidden force for breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa" - Eric Akobeng, University of Leicester A new study has shown that poverty and inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa can be reduced by international remittances.

University of Leicester Scientists Identify Way to 'Sniff' Ripeness of Fruit
Scientists from the University of Leicester have, for the first time, identified a way to 'sniff' the ripeness of mangoes. They have identified the unique chemical signature of ripening for mangoes and published their research in the academic journal Metabolomics.

Major Global Study Identifies a Safer Treatment of Acute Stroke
The safety of a controversial clot-busting drug has been investigated by researchers, who have shown a modified dosage can reduce serious bleeding in the brain and improve survival rates. It is hoped the findings from the trial of more than 3,000 patients in 100 hospitals worldwide could change the way the most common form of stroke is treated globally.

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