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Justice for Women in a System Geared to Men

Published: July 12, 2010.
Released by University of Leicester

British Society of Criminology conference Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Dilemmas and Diversity in Criminology at University of Leicester July 11-14 Professor Carol Hedderman will discuss Current government policy on women offenders in England and Wales at 11.15am on Wednesday 14 July. The female prison population for women has risen at a much sharper rate than men's, yet their offending is less serious and less frequent.

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Bugs Life: The Nerve Cells That Make Locusts 'Gang Up'
A team of biologists has identified a set of nerve cells in desert locusts that bring about 'gang-like' gregarious behaviour when they are forced into a crowd. Dr Swidbert Ott from the University of Leicester's Department of Biology, working with Dr Steve Rogers at the University of Sydney, Australia, has published a study that reveals how newly identified nerve cells in locusts produce the neurochemical serotonin to initiate changes in their behaviour and lifestyle.

Link Between Low Blood Glucose And Cardiovascular Events Revealed
A study involving scientists from the University of Leicester has established a link between hypoglycaemia and increased risk of cardiovascular events and mortality in patients with diabetes.

New Study into Life-threatening Pregnancy Condition Calls for Specialist Centers
A new study has revealed key steps for hospitals to improve care for pregnant mums and babies affected by a life-threatening condition. In the UK today, almost one in every 100 babies is stillborn or dies soon after birth. Up to 100 women die every year during or just after pregnancy. A team of academics, clinicians and charity representatives, called MBRRACE-UK*, has looked at how care for mothers and babies can be improved.

Ancient Balloon-shaped Animal Fossil Sheds Light on Earth's Ancient Seas
A rare 520 million year old fossil shaped like a 'squashed bird's nest' that will help to shed new light on life within Earth's ancient seas has been discovered in China by an international research team - and will honour the memory of a University of Leicester scientist who passed away earlier this year.

King Richard III - Case Closed After 529 Years
International research led by the University of Leicester published in Nature Communications reveals: Analysis of all the available evidence confirms identity of King Richard III to the point of 99.999% (at its most conservative). Analysis of the mitochondrial DNA shows a match between Richard III and modern female-line relatives, Michael Ibsen and Wendy Duldig.

Mental Health Inequalities in Detection of Breast Cancer
Women with a mental illness (including depression, anxiety and serious mental illnesses) are less likely to be screened for breast cancer, according to new research published in the BJPsych (online first). The research was led by Dr Alex J Mitchell, consultant psychiatrist in the Department of Cancer Studies, University of Leicester.

Geographer Highlights Postcode Lottery over Diabetes And Obesity Risk
'We are now living in a world of ubiquitous location: from sat-navs to GPS enabled tablets and smartphones, our everyday activities leave digital and spatially located footprints. This presents tremendous opportunities for explicitly geographical analyses of all kinds of data.' -Professor Lex Comber, University of Leicester

Fast-food Outlets in Inner City Neighborhoods Fuel Diabetes And Obesity Epidemic
How close you are to fast-food outlets may be linked to your risk of Type-2 diabetes and obesity a new study led by the University of Leicester has discovered. The research found that there was a higher number of fast-food outlets within 500 metres of inner-city neighbourhoods described as non-white as well as in socially deprived areas.

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