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Justice for Women in a System Geared to Men

Published: July 12, 2010.
Released by University of Leicester

British Society of Criminology conference Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Dilemmas and Diversity in Criminology at University of Leicester July 11-14 Professor Carol Hedderman will discuss Current government policy on women offenders in England and Wales at 11.15am on Wednesday 14 July. The female prison population for women has risen at a much sharper rate than men's, yet their offending is less serious and less frequent.

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Veins on Mars Were Formed by Evaporating Ancient Lakes
Mineral veins found in Mars's Gale Crater were formed by the evaporation of ancient Martian lakes, a new study has shown. The research, by Mars Science Laboratory Participating Scientists at The Open University and the University of Leicester, used the Mars Curiosity rover to explore Yellowknife Bay in Gale Crater on Mars, examining the mineralogy of veins that were paths for groundwater in mudstones.

Asthma Pill Could Reduce Symptoms in Severe Sufferers
"This new drug could be a game changer for future treatment of asthma" - Professor Chris Brightling, NIHR Senior Research Fellow at the University of Leicester The first new asthma pill for nearly 20 years has the power to significantly reduce the severity of the condition, a study led by the University of Leicester has found.

'GPS in Space': NPL And Leicester Bring Autonomous Interplanetary Travel Closer to Reality
An accurate method for spacecraft navigation takes a leap forward today as the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the University of Leicester publish a paper that reveals a spacecraft's position in space in the direction of a particular pulsar can be calculated autonomously, using a small X-ray telescope on board the craft, to an accuracy of 2km. The method uses X-rays emitted from pulsars, which can be used to work out the position of a craft in space in 3D to an accuracy…

Mobile Scan And Pay Technology Could Promote Supermarket Theft, Study Suggests
The report is available on request by emailing ap507@le.ac.uk Allowing customers to scan products and pay for them using their own mobile phones or iPads is becoming an increasingly common sight in retail outlets.

Cave Discoveries Shed New Light on Native And European Religious Encounters in the Americas
A project led by archaeologists from the British Museum and the University of Leicester has discovered remarkable evidence which shows how the first generations of Europeans to arrive in the Americas engaged with indigenous peoples and their spiritual beliefs deep inside the caves of a remote Caribbean island. Recent fieldwork by a collaborative Anglo-Puerto Rican* team has uncovered new evidence in the Caribbean of an early religious dialogue between Europeans and Native Americans.

Rise in Avoidable Diabetes Hospital Visits
Hospital admissions for a short-term and avoidable complication of diabetes have risen by 39 per cent in the last ten years, a new analysis has concluded. Almost 80,000 people were admitted to hospital in England for hypoglycaemia -- where the blood sugar of a person with diabetes drops to dangerously low levels -- for a total of 101,475 episodes between 2005 and 2014, an NIHR-supported study carried out at the Leicester Diabetes Centre found.

Education's 'Power' to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
People at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes can reduce their chances of getting the condition by more than 80 per cent by fully completing a new education programme, an NIHR-supported study has found. The new group education programme called Let's Prevent Diabetes, developed by the Leicester Diabetes Centre, could lead to "large reductions in cases of Type 2 diabetes" to ease pressure on the NHS amid soaring numbers of the condition.

Children's Purchasing Behavior 'Significantly Impacted' by Social Media And Mobile Apps
An infographic of key findings of the study is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/consumer_evidence/behavioural_research/docs/online_marketing_infographic_2016_en.pdf

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