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First Concrete Evidence That Women Are Better Multitaskers Than Men

Published: July 19, 2010.
Released by University of Hertfordshire

Professor Keith Laws at the University’s School of Psychology looked at multitasking in 50 male and 50 female undergraduates and found that although the sexes performed equally when they multitasked on simple maths and map reading tasks, women far excelled men when it came to planning how to search for a lost key, with 70 per cent of women performing better than their average male counterparts.

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More news from University of Hertfordshire

No “One Size Fits All” for Economic Systems Says Hertfordshire Graduate
Dr Francesca Gagliardi, a Senior Lecturer in Finance and member of the Group for Research into Organisational Evolution at the University's Business School, was awarded the Chancellor's Medal for Outstanding Achievement in a Doctoral Research Programme for her PhD submission entitled Firm Performance and Institutional Context: A Theoretical Exploration With Evidence From the Italian Co-operative Sector.

Depression Detrimental for Patients with End-Stage Kidney Disease
New research findings which highlight the detrimental effect of depression on patients with end-stage kidney disease has celebrated at the University of Hertfordshire 2010 Awards Ceremonies yesterday (17 November 2010) at the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban.

Why Women Are a Wise Investment
Collaborative, sociable and consensual are all qualities which empower women in the boardroom, claims Professor Karen Pine, Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. When she speaks at the Autumn Seminar of the Financial Services Research Forum at Westminster, London on 16 November, Professor Pine will point out that positioning more women in senior corporate roles could be the simplest way to boost the economy and improve business performance

Energy Saving Dryer Partnership Awarded ‘Outstanding’ Accolade
A business partnership which developed the UK’s most energy-efficient dryer for the manufacturing industry has received the highest grade of ‘outstanding’ by the Technology Strategy Board.

New Way to Peer at Distant Galaxies
A team including University of Hertfordshire astronomers have discovered a new way of finding cosmic zoom lenses, which allows astronomers to peer at galaxies in the distant Universe. 

EU Recognition for Energy-Efficient Data Centre
The University of Hertfordshire is the first European university to comply with a new European Union Code of Conduct for Data Centres and has been recognised for its energy-efficient approach.

Call for Joined-Up Approach to Tackling Childhood Obesity
A united front is needed to tackle childhood obesity effectively, according to researchers at the University of Hertfordshire’s Weight and Obesity Research Group. With this in mind, over 100 health professionals and decision makers will gather to develop a joined-up approach to evaluating programmes to tackle the topic, at a conference at the University of Hertfordshire next week.

Study Calls for Robust Science for Environmental Labelling of Food
Environmental labeling of food needs to be based on robust, scientific principles if it is to be effective, says a University of Hertfordshire researcher. Dr Kathy Lewis, one of the authors of the report, Effective Approaches to Environmental Labeling of Food Products, which explored the effectiveness of environmental labeling, claims that more work is needed on current practices for environmental labeling to bring it up to an adequate scientific level.

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