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Research Study Reveals Profile for Female Drink-drivers

Published: May 26, 2011.
By University of Nottingham


The Nottingham researchers carried out a systematic review of 26 previous studies from around the world to gather evidence that could inform the future development of interventions for alcohol-related offending by women and centred on whether there are differences between men and women who break the law after drinking.

They found:

Overall women were less likely to drink and drive than men and less likely to be repeat offenders

Fewer women drink-drivers had previously been arrested for public drunkenness and other alcohol-related offences

Women drink-drivers were older than men, better educated but had a lower income

Female drink-driving offenders were more likely than men to be separated, divorced or widowed, whereas men were more likely to be married or single

Women who got behind the wheel drunk were more likely to have parents and partners who abused alcohol and themselves had a greater history of mental health problems.

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