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Marshall University Study May Lead to New Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Published: March 21, 2012.
By Marshall University Research Corporation

A recent study conducted at Marshall University may eventually help scientists develop new treatments for prostate cancer, the most common malignancy in American men.

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Recent studies conducted at Marshall University have demonstrated that nanoparticles of cerium oxide -- common diesel fuel additives used to increase the fuel efficiency of automobile engines -- can travel from the lungs to the liver and that this process is associated with liver damage.
Breast Cancer Risk Drops When Diet Includes Walnuts, Marshall Researchers Find
The risk of breast cancer dropped significantly in mice when their regular diet included a modest amount of walnut, Marshall University researchers report in the journal Nutrition and Cancer.
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Being a Smoker at Time of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Linked with Increased Risk of Death
By JAMA and Archives Journals
Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer and who are also smokers have an associated increased risk of all-cause, cardiovascular and prostate cancer-specific death, according to a study in …
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