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Sweden's Largest Facebook Study: A Survey of 1,000 Swedish Facebook Users

Published: April 2, 2012.
By University of Gothenburg

1 times per day

70 percent log in every time they start their computer or web reader

26 percent feel ill at ease if they do not get to log in regularly

Women spend on average 81 minutes per day on Facebook

Men spend on average 64 minutes per day on Facebook

Facebooking is primarily a habit among young users

Older Facebook users use Facebook to get to know more people

67 percent of young users use Facebook to kill time

38 percent share negative information in their status updates

Women write more about emotions and relationships

One third of the men try to provoke others on Facebook, which is twice the figure for women

More than 50 percent of the users broadcast information and knowledge via Facebook

Women who use Facebook more are also report feeling less happy and less content with their lives

One quarter of the respondents brag on Facebook


The study was based on data collected from more than 1000 Swedish 18-73 year olds from June to September 2011 via a web-based questionnaire.

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