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Breakthrough in Nanotechnology

Published: August 29, 2012.
By University of Central Florida

A University of Central Florida assistant professor has developed a new material using nanotechnology, which could help keep pilots and sensitive equipment safe from destructive lasers. 1021/nl301988v )

Thomas is working with gold nanoparticles and studying their properties when they are shrunk into a small size regime called nanoclusters.

"Nanoclusters occupy the intriguing quantum size regime between atoms and nanocrystals, and the synthesis of ultra-small, atomically precise metal nanoclusters is a challenging task," Thomas said. It turns out that the gold nanoclusters exhibit qualities that may make them suitable for creating surfaces that would diffuse laser beams of high energy. "

Because nanoclusters appear to have a better ability to diffuse high beams of energy, they are a promising area for future development.

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