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When Identity Is Tied to Former Employer, Unemployed Report Higher Well-being

Published: November 9, 2012.
Released by San Francisco State University  

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 1, 2012-- Unemployed workers who continue to identify with their former employer report higher well-being even after being fired or laid off from the company, according to a study published Nov. 9 in the Journal of Managerial Psychology. The study, conducted by San Francisco State University Assistant Professor of Management Jennifer Tosti-Kharas, is among the first to explore how organizational identification relates to job loss.

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Team Led by SF State Astronomer Catalogs Most Likely 'Second-Earth' Candidates
Looking for another Earth? An international team of researchers has pinpointed which of the more than 4,000 exoplanets discovered by NASA's Kepler mission are most likely to be similar to our rocky home.

Group Interventions Key to Improving Health of Older Lesbian, Bisexual Women, Study Finds
The Bay Area has long been one of the nation's leading advocates for LGBT equality and community support. Recent studies, however, reveal that one population -- aging lesbian and bisexual women -- are overlooked in the realm of health care and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices tailored to their needs.

San Francisco State University Astronomer Helps Discover Giant Planet Orbiting 2 Suns
San Francisco State University astronomer Stephen Kane is among a team of researchers who have discovered a new planet that orbits two suns simultaneously. The discovery was announced today at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in San Diego.

Most Eccentric Planet Ever Known Flashes Astronomers with Reflected Light
Led by San Francisco State University astronomer Stephen Kane, a team of researchers has spotted an extrasolar planet about 117 light-years from earth that boasts the most eccentric orbit yet seen.

Anger, Contempt And Disgust Fuel Hostility, New Research from SF State Shows
Individuals experiencing anger, contempt and disgust are more likely to act and behave in a hostile manner toward those they disagree with, new research from San Francisco State University shows.

'Sport Shoppers' Bargain Hunt Simply for the Thrill of It, New Research Finds
The finish line is in sight, the rush of victory just past the cash register, the trophy flung hastily into a shopping cart. For some, shopping is a pursuit akin to an athletic competition, according to San Francisco State University professors Kathleen O'Donnell, associate dean of the School of Business, and Judi Strebel, chair of the marketing department. In new research just published online, the two define what it means to be a "sport shopper."

SF State Research Reveals How Climate Influences Sediment Size
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2015 -- In a new paper published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), San Francisco State University Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences Leonard Sklar and colleagues show how two established geochemical techniques can be combined in a novel way to reveal both the altitude where river rocks were originally produced and the rate of erosion that led them to crumble into the river.

Astronomers Discover New Planet Orbiting Two Stars
A team of astronomers including a San Francisco State University researcher has discovered a new planet orbiting a pair of stars, the 10th "circumbinary" planet discovered by NASA's Kepler Mission and a milestone for the 6-year-old spacecraft.

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