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Put Me In, Coach! How Trained Literacy Coaches Can Improve Student Reading Comprehension

Published: January 25, 2013.
Released by University of Pittsburgh  

PITTSBURGH—The language and reading comprehension skills of low-income upper elementary-school students—especially English-language learners—can improve markedly if trained literacy coaches engage teachers in conducting interactive text discussions with students, according to a three-year University of Pittsburgh study.

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Seeing Tiny Twins
PITTSBURGH--To fully understand how nanomaterials behave, one must also understand the atomic-scale deformation mechanisms that determine their structure and, therefore, their strength and function.

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Ancient Mongol Metallurgy an Extreme Polluter
PITTSBURGH--The ancient Mongols have a reputation for having been fierce warriors. A new study out of the University of Pittsburgh shows them to have been unmatched polluters.

An Ecological Rule for Animals Applies to Flowers
PITTSBURGH--When, in 1833, Constantin Wilhelm Lambert Gloger published his key observation that warm-blooded animals tend to be more heavily pigmented or darker the closer they live to the equator, he probably didn't realize the degree to which the climate would change in the next 200 years or so.

The State of Shale
PITTSBURGH--University of Pittsburgh researchers have shared their findings from three studies related to shale gas in a recent special issue of the journal Energy Technology, edited by Götz Veser, the Nickolas A. DeCecco Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in Pitt's Swanson School of Engineering.

National Model of Restoration: Nine Mile Run
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PITTSBURGH--An interest in the gender gap between the representations of female candidates in U.S. elections compared to their male counterparts led two University of Pittsburgh professors to take the issue into the laboratory for three years of research.

Understanding How Emotions Ripple After Terrorist Acts
PITTSBURGH--The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing motivated mass expressions of fear, solidarity, and sympathy toward Bostonians on social media networks around the world. In a recently released study, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Cornell University analyzed emotional reactions on Twitter in the hours and weeks following the attack.

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